Data Protection

Data Protection

Small is not necessarily secure.

It’s the worst-kept secret in the small and medium-scale business world. Until disaster strikes, there is very little data back-up. In hindsight, you may decide to get the costliest data protection tool in place, but most likely you may postpone the decision in the mistaken belief that “It can’t happen to me” — until it actually happens!

By then, the damage is usually done and the data loss is permanent.

Imagine what would happen if any of the following occurs:

  • There is physical damage to your storage system (such as a disk) resulting in the total loss of sensitive data?
  • A disgruntled employee or an external hacker breaks into your system and maliciously destroy data?
  • People make mistakes and someone “inadvertently’ causes a security breach and leak of confidential data?
  • There is a software crash caused by a vicious virus attack that impacts data integrity and halts your key operations?
  • A physical security breach destroys equipment that stores sensitive, business-vital data and applications?
  • Natural disasters and other events such as earthquakes, lightning strikes, floods, tornados, hurricanes, accidents, chemical spills, and power grid failures cause not just data loss but disrupt normal business operations, causing further monetary loss

Offsite data storage on the cloud is one way to protect your business from such losses. These days, government regulations also require certain data to be kept for extended periods of time, under the IT law. You may have your own, in-house policy on how long you want to maintain your records and where.

Cloud is the most effective solution for hosting an offsite archival and retrieval system.

Rubik Infotech provides BACKUP and RECOVERY systems to ensure longevity and easy retrieval of your information assets.